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English Tutoring & Conversation in Senec

"A child without education is like fish without chips”"

"Hodiny angličtiny, Hodiny anglickej konverzácie s rodeným Angličanom, Učte sa angličtinu od Angličana, Študujte angličtinu"

Hi, Im Tony Wye
an Englishman in Senec

Im a native English speaker from the UK (close to Windsor where HRH King Charles lives) but Ive lived in Senec for the last 15 years.

If you are interested in personal English conversation/ lessons please contact me. I teach English at 2 Senec schools in the morning but Im usually available after 10am for private lessons either your place, my place (next to buffet pri kurtoch at Senec Jazera Juh) or somewhere like Pralinka / Boka Bistro for a Tea (with milk !) / hot chocolate.

In Spring 2020 and 2023 I was asked to be a member of the jury for the English Olympiad Senec district finals. It was great to see (& hear) there are many great English speaking students in the Senec area.

A Wealth of Business English

I have worked at and with literally hundreds of global companies during my IT career in Sales/ Marketing/ Engineering/ Support.
So I have excellent "business English" experience in many industries including Technology, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Automotive & Logistics.

I've also worked in many countries (Sweden to South Africa, New Zealand to Norway) and therefore have great knowledge of etiquette and how to conduct good business English.

Kids Too

Im currently teaching English to children between the ages of 5 and 16 at local schools in Senec.

If your child needs extra tuition to keep up with class, to be top of the class or get into a bilingual school then I can help.

For younger children I dont use a formal teaching practice but focus on fun by playing games/lego/songs to learn and also to gain the confidence to talk in English.

Many students I meet have great English vocabulary and grammer but simply need practice to talk and listen to a native speaker.


You can contact me via:

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